GOTG Standard Deck


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Build your own Gift of the Gods deck with this set of 60 cards, with 30 different designs and 2 of each card so that you can tailor your set to your faction.

The pack comes sealed and each starter set is the same.

Set includes:

Tiger, Magic Rug, Magic Wand, Wonderland Potion, A-Bomb Launch, Chains of St. Peter, Annubis Head, Bones of Skeletons, Just A Box, Rusty Brillo Pad, Buff me the Angel Slayer, Golden Fleece, Flip Flop Breath, Holy Grail, Jewell of Saragosa, Judas Silver, Medusa’s Head, Mullet of Destiny, Necronomicon, Pandora’s Box, Seeking Snails, David’s Sling, Smackhead, Burning Sulphur, Knightmare Helm, Achilles Heel, Brucies Bonus, By the Powah, Mirror Shield & Demonshade.


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