Make me Famous – Gift of the Gods Card


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This is a product unlike anything else. It’s the ultimate gift, surprise or indulgence if you are a fan of Purgatory!

Gift of the Gods cards represent the humour and fun side of gaming. They have a working in game effect, that is limited and balanced but they also add great variety to the game, especially as you can tailor your own deck.

But what if you could have your very own card? One that is personal to you and immortalises you in our world. Let us tell you some more, here’s how it works.

  1. Purchase this product
  2. When you do, we will email you to confirm the purchase and we will ask the key questions
  3. You choose the image design, we will get one of our artists to design it
  4. Make a suggestion for the in game effect, we will try and balance this into the game
  5. Name it (though we reserve the right to veto, especially expletives that are too damn *bleed*)
  6. We will print it, sign one copy and send it to you as well as a second copy for your own deck
  7. The card will be “Legendary” in status and will be inserted, the appropriate rarity, into the Random Packs, so that people across the world can play using your design! It’s like being a game designer without the headaches!
  8. It will feature a unique colour border and it will even have your name as the artist

The art will feature on our pages and will be your way of living on, through the game you love! Imagine your mates face, when you play your own card against them… the absolute WIN is irresistible.

You know you want it…. and anything goes!


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